Is your internet slow?

Allo Communications, a Lincoln based (Nelnet owned) company that provides high-speed internet via fiber optic connections to your home announced recently that they would begin making their service available to the Taylor Park neighborhood beginning summer 2016.

Previously, Allo & the City of Lincoln had announced that they would roll out service to the entire city of Lincoln neighborhood-by-neighborhood over a three year span between 2016-2019. The recent update was to announce where they would begin, and it just happens to include the Taylor Park area!

Learn more about Allo here. They provide internet, TV, and phone at prices comparable to Time Warner Cable and Windstream, but at speeds of 10-100 times faster.

(This is not an advertisement, just a public service announcement of a new utility company, and a heads-up that you may see Allo employees working in our area soon.)