Neighborhood Watch

I am sharing the most recent edition of the Neighborhood Watch newsletter, “The Eye”. Neighborhood Watch is a great program supported by the Lincoln Police Department. It empowers neighbors to work together and with the police department to keep their neighborhood safe. If you are interested in becoming involved with Neighborhood Watch or starting a group for your area, please email or call me at 402-441-7261.

– Officer Cassi Nissen, Lincoln Police Department

Taylor Park Renovation 2017

Taylor Park neighbors were invited to attend the Lincoln Parks & Rec Advisory Board meetings in Nov. and Dec. to learn of playground renovation. The Board approved the relocation of present playground to the south side of the park near the Randolph dead end.

Taylor Park Neighborhood Association Board along with several neighbors speaking before the Advisory Board were opposed. Notes from these meetings can be found on Parks Advisory Board website.

Two priority reasons for opposition are:

  • The proposed location does NOT provide an open, safe, and secure setting.
  • The land/soil quality along with continuously high moisture level of the designated location will often make the playground unusable.

It was determined that a Special Review Committee would be formed by interested associations near the park along with Park staff and Park Advisory representative. Dan & Deb Safarik will be representatives from Taylor Park Neighborhood Association for the upcoming playground design review committee.

The first meeting of the Taylor Park playground design review committee scheduled for June 22nd ,  with second meeting is being scheduled for July 13th.

“Our goal continues to be implementation of the elements of the master plan as recommended by the advisory board.  As part of the design effort for all park elements, we will be examining site specifics such as site lines, grades, soil conditions, drainage patterns, etc. in the immediate vicinity of the playground.  Everything form public safety to access to aesthetics to sustainability will be considered in design development.  Playgrounds are in investment of public funds and I believe that I have a responsibility to make sure those public funds are invested wisely,”

– Parks department staff.

Board meeting: Thursday, May 18th

Taylor Park Board members will meet on Thursday, May 18th at 6:30. All meetings are open to the public for discussion. Anyone wishing to attend should check in at the entrance to the park on ParkVale St.

Main agenda items will be:

  1. Electing officers from the recently elected board members
  2. Report from the annual meeting held in April
  3. Reporting from TPNA representatives to city meetings
  4. Setting up events and schedules.