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Neighborhood Construction

Eastridge Elementary

Eastridge Elementary School opened in 1954 in five houses on Randolph from Lyncrest to Sunrise which were used for only one year. The school proper was constructed in 1955 and was named for the area in which it is located. It was renovated in 2007.

Eastmont Towers Community

On May 14, 1966, Mayor Helen Boosalis ceremonially began construction on a 64-apartment at Eastmont Manor called The Springfield, completed in 1967. The Sycamore and The Saratoga followed in the early 70’s precipitating a name change – Eastmont Towers. The Seasons, an Assisted Living facility, officially opened on September 17, 2001. In June of 2003 The Monarch opened, specializing in end of life Hospice care and seeing the facility name change to Eastmont Towers Community.

(Information gathered via the Eastmont Towers website)